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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Creating Quality Leads

Many people try so hard to get people in their business without first learning to create what is called leads. And we must learn to target our leads to those we know who need our help and services. After all if we were a doctor we would have to find people who are sick and not healthy.

Network marketers need to learn who to target and find just like doctors needs to find the sick in order to use their skills. Creating leads is all about learning to sell ourselves and having people attracted to us and our services. Without learning to attract people in following us we will not be able to attract people in buying our services.

So we must learn to provide information of who we are and in return their will be people attracted to us. We must also learn to build relationships with people and find out who they are. Once building a relationship with people we may learn what they need. We may find out that what they need is what we have to give. This is how we become more successful in our business by learning to find people who need our help.

Jared Hathorn