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Monday, April 18, 2011

Stop Saying Your Wrong

Many people have different opinions and as network marketers we will often talk to many people who will tend to give their opinions. Sometimes their opinions are so different than ours that we want to give our opinion stating what we believe that is different.

Arguments are not all that bad but it is the way we conduct our arguments that become bad. Arguments can be a way for us to learn and grow among other people. However, many people often conduct their arguments in a harmful manner. There are many ways we can conduct our arguments in a harmful manner but I want to talk about telling people that they are wrong.

Many people often make the mistake in just telling other people they are wrong. This will give the person the impression that they are being attacked. It will cause them to put a defense around them. We all know that this is what we do not want. Once a defense is set up then it is nearly impossible for the person to pay attention to what we are saying. After all we need people to listen to what we say.

We need to learn to share our opinions with other people in a manner that is respectful. This will help us win friends and hopefully influence others in a positive way.

Jared Hathorn


Friday, April 8, 2011

We Must Believe In Ourselves

Many people fail in network marketing and wonder why. There are many reasons people fail and I want to focus on one of them. The lack in believing in ourselves is one of the causes people fail. The lack of belief almost paralyzes people to be successful.

I know someone personally who tells me he cannot get a job because he cannot read. He tells me that many people have tried to teach him however they just quit on him. I have watched him and I have seen that somehow even in the lack of reading he gets around the computer ok.

He works on looking up things in youtube that interests him. He finds cheat codes for games he likes playing. So I thought it would be a good idea to find a computer program that teaches reading. I found that program that teaches reading from the very beginning. It starts with sounding out the letters and works on sounding out words for him. The audio files are amazing because it speaks every word it teaches.

I know there are people who we can never teach because they are just not coachable. They in some ways do not wish to become successful because they enjoy playing the victim. However, to make my point let us look at one factor.

I have notice in my time that I am with him that he lacks belief in himself in almost anything he does. This lack of belief is one of the factors that are causing him to not teach himself reading. He would only spend five minutes on the program than just give up. I would hear his voice of frustration during those five minutes. He also voiced his opinion that he just cannot do it.

We must learn to find belief in ourselves if we are to learn to become successful. Again the lack of belief in ourselves will paralyze us from success.

Jared Hathorn