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Monday, September 26, 2011

Are You Determined To Win?

Determination is important in network marketing in order to be successful. Determination is not just important in network marketing but in all areas of life. Success does not come easily and sometimes have to be achieved when all odds are against us.

I have seen a movie and was amazed at a scene that taught me something important. This movie that gave me a lesson that I will remember is called Coach Carter. Timo Cruz earlier was kicked out of the gym because he did not want to follow the rules that Coach Carter gave. Later Timo decided he wanted to play basketball even if it was to follow the Coaches rules.

Timo asked the Coach what he needed to do to play for the basketball team. The Coach tried to discourage Timo and tried to not tell him what he needed to do. However, Timo was determined to play for the team and kept asking the Coach for the requirements.

Finally the Coach reluctantly gave Timo the requirements. Timo had to give the Coach 1000 suicides and 2500 pushups by a time that was impossible to make. However, Timo didn’t look at those odds and gave up. Instead he was determined and looked at what was to come started his pushups. He worked on completing his goal none stop. Many times the Coach tried to discourage him and told him it was impossible so just give up. Timo let those words go from one ear to the next. He did not listen and kept going.

In the end Timo didn’t meet the requirement and the Coach was going to not let him on the team. However, the rest of the team saw his determination and vowed to complete his requirements for him. In the end his determination gave him victory. His determination impacted others around him and helped him to be successful.

Jared Hathorn
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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Finding a Home

Many people join network marketing to make money. However, many people choke themselves and not realize it. They look so hard for a get rich quick deal that they end up getting on new deals every week. My leader, Tim Miller, calls them internet junkies and says they will never earn enough income to make a good living.

In order to succeed in network marketing we must learn to find our home company. A company that we will stay focused on. We must love our company so much that we will not go to another deal. This is key in order to be successful in any network marketing business.

If we try to split our time and efforts into more than one deal than we are cutting our success by the percentage that is divided into the amount of deals we are in. Most if not all successful network marketers are successful because they are 100 percent in their company. Their time and efforts are focused at one thing and one goal. We must be all in to succeed in any network marketing business.

Jared Hathorn
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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Learning to Expose

Many people in network marketing tell us that we need to create relationships with people. They tell us that we must develop a way that people can know, like, and trust us. They tell us this with many words and sometimes with big words that will make people think they are very smart. However, many fail to really explain how this really works.

I want to focus on the part where it says that people can know us. How do we get people to know us so they can also learn to like and trust us? What many don’t tell us is that all they need to do is expose themselves. They need to do so by meeting as many people as they can. We need to get out of our comfort zone and find anyone and everyone that is new. Get them to join our facebook, twitter, and or any other social site. The more people we have in our friends list the better chance we have of success.

Do we expect to become successful if we do our best to look at just five people and pitch them our deal every day? That is not how this business works at all. First of all just pitching our deal to just the five ever day they will eventually stop being our friends. Our business will not grow unless we truly work at it. The more work we put into finding people the better chance we have of our success.

Also we need to learn to help the people we find.

Jared Hathorn

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Creating Quality Leads

Many people try so hard to get people in their business without first learning to create what is called leads. And we must learn to target our leads to those we know who need our help and services. After all if we were a doctor we would have to find people who are sick and not healthy.

Network marketers need to learn who to target and find just like doctors needs to find the sick in order to use their skills. Creating leads is all about learning to sell ourselves and having people attracted to us and our services. Without learning to attract people in following us we will not be able to attract people in buying our services.

So we must learn to provide information of who we are and in return their will be people attracted to us. We must also learn to build relationships with people and find out who they are. Once building a relationship with people we may learn what they need. We may find out that what they need is what we have to give. This is how we become more successful in our business by learning to find people who need our help.

Jared Hathorn

Monday, April 18, 2011

Stop Saying Your Wrong

Many people have different opinions and as network marketers we will often talk to many people who will tend to give their opinions. Sometimes their opinions are so different than ours that we want to give our opinion stating what we believe that is different.

Arguments are not all that bad but it is the way we conduct our arguments that become bad. Arguments can be a way for us to learn and grow among other people. However, many people often conduct their arguments in a harmful manner. There are many ways we can conduct our arguments in a harmful manner but I want to talk about telling people that they are wrong.

Many people often make the mistake in just telling other people they are wrong. This will give the person the impression that they are being attacked. It will cause them to put a defense around them. We all know that this is what we do not want. Once a defense is set up then it is nearly impossible for the person to pay attention to what we are saying. After all we need people to listen to what we say.

We need to learn to share our opinions with other people in a manner that is respectful. This will help us win friends and hopefully influence others in a positive way.

Jared Hathorn


Friday, April 8, 2011

We Must Believe In Ourselves

Many people fail in network marketing and wonder why. There are many reasons people fail and I want to focus on one of them. The lack in believing in ourselves is one of the causes people fail. The lack of belief almost paralyzes people to be successful.

I know someone personally who tells me he cannot get a job because he cannot read. He tells me that many people have tried to teach him however they just quit on him. I have watched him and I have seen that somehow even in the lack of reading he gets around the computer ok.

He works on looking up things in youtube that interests him. He finds cheat codes for games he likes playing. So I thought it would be a good idea to find a computer program that teaches reading. I found that program that teaches reading from the very beginning. It starts with sounding out the letters and works on sounding out words for him. The audio files are amazing because it speaks every word it teaches.

I know there are people who we can never teach because they are just not coachable. They in some ways do not wish to become successful because they enjoy playing the victim. However, to make my point let us look at one factor.

I have notice in my time that I am with him that he lacks belief in himself in almost anything he does. This lack of belief is one of the factors that are causing him to not teach himself reading. He would only spend five minutes on the program than just give up. I would hear his voice of frustration during those five minutes. He also voiced his opinion that he just cannot do it.

We must learn to find belief in ourselves if we are to learn to become successful. Again the lack of belief in ourselves will paralyze us from success.

Jared Hathorn

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Need to Love Others

We know that building relationships in network marketing is very important. So if since it is important we must spend our time learning the skills needed in knowing how to interact with everyone. After all I cannot stress enough that network marketing is not a sales business but a relationship business.

There are many ways people can describe how to interact with people. We all can break down the laws of attraction based on the statistics given on today’s society. We can study and analyze the behavior of everyone we meet in order to determine what the majority likes or dislikes.

I believe for this article I can explain the way to some up all that is required by one word. This word that will help us all is called love. We must put in our hearts love for everyone we meet every day. Having that love will give us the automatic drive in treating people the way they need to be treated. This will give the best reason people would learn to trust us.

Let us build relationships by loving everyone we meet. We can learn how to get people to trust us.

Jared Hathorn

Monday, March 28, 2011

Failing Even In the Best Company

Many people talk about how it is important to find the right company for us. I do believe a person should look at the important information before joining a company. However, even after joining the best company we still have to work on ourselves.

Let us look at company A for a minute. This company has the best compensation plan and the best policies and procedures any company can have. A person working in company A however does not run his network marketing business like he should at all.

What he does wrong is he spam’s every single forum and social media he can find. It always says the same thing about joining his company. What he gets is people disliking him. After all he is not giving any thought or value. He is left with little or no success and wonders what is wrong.

Company B is about an average company. It does not have the best compensation plan or policies and procedures. It is not the worst company to join either. The person working for company B has a little more knowledge in how to have the business grow. He knows not to spam the forums or social media but still lacks the techniques needed.

He tries his best with the little knowledge he has to share with anyone he can on the social media. However, he does not put much effort in gaining new knowledge to bring better value. He does gain people to follow him but not as much as he fully desires.

Company C would be almost the worst company anyone would join. I mean everything that is set up would still have people become successful but would not compare to company A or B. The person in company C does his best to learn about attraction marketing. He either gets the information freely from someone or if need invest money in getting the right information.

After getting all the knowledge needed, he then produces great value to everything he writes. Rather he posts in a blog, forums, or social sites he always finds a way to give great value. He always goes out of his way in building friendships with anyone he meets. He learns and practices the art of gaining friends and influencing people.

Even though he is not in such a great company he finds himself having more success than people described in company A or B. He has so many followers that he has been titled a great leader.

Unless a person gains the skills need in becoming successful in network marketing it does not matter what company we are in. We will not succeed as long as we do not work for it. We must work to become better at attracting others to us. Learn the art of creating relationships with people.

Jared Hathorn

Sunday, March 27, 2011

How A Person Can Lead

Let us look at two ways to get in a building. The front door is locked and many people try to get in the building through the front door. Now this building is a representation of success. Now everyone has tried the front door at one time. The front door represents all our attempts for success and failed.

The building also is designed that we need as many people as we can to increase our success in this building. The more people we invite and share the more success we have.

Now someone has found a way in through the back door. The back door has easy access to the building because it is unlocked. Now this person has the ability to share this information to everyone he can.

He quickly goes to the front door where everyone is and yells that they are wrong and need to follow him. Now naturally people got offended because they were taught that success is through the front door. They were also offended because someone judged them. It opened what is naturally in people called the defense mechanism.

He sadly went back to the back door and wondered why many did not follow him. Finally he decided to try once more but take a different approach. He quickly started to build relationship with everyone he can that was at the front door. He started to freely give information about the back door without being pushy or judgmental toward the person trying the front door.

His goal was mostly seeking on building relationships with people and giving as much information as possible. Then without begging people to follow him he slowly walked to the back door. Many people saw him because they now knew him. They wondered where he was going and decided to follow him. After all they knew him now and trusted him. Because of the trust they did not feel bad or scared to follow him.

He gained success by building relationships and giving value to people’s lives. It built trust in people and he made himself a leader. People follow leaders so they followed. The process maybe slow in the beginning but in the long run it gave him success.

I hope that my message was clear and that people can understand.

Jared Hathorn

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Finding Quality Leads

It is hard I know to find leads in network marketing. However, it is not so difficult that we all cannot master the art of gaining leads. I have been reading articles and finding videos about gaining leads for free. After all half the battle in our business is finding good quality targeted leads.

The people who are most successful in network marketing seem to give the same advice. We must learn to give our information about being successful in network marketing. This will help brand us in many ways and give the people searching a reason for them to trust us.

Trust is needed because it helps us to gain relationships with people. Many leaders in network marketing advise that people follow people instead of opportunities. We must learn to brand ourselves and give valuable information that people will be able to use. This is how people will learn to follow us instead of just following opportunities.

Our journey in network marketing is an ongoing journey in building relationships with people. Learning how to build relationships and gain friends quickly is how we master our problem in creating leads. If we learn the techniques necessary in building relationships than our friends will soon ask what are we doing to become so successful. Than we have our chance in presenting them our solution in success. Usually our success is done through the network marketing company we are affiliates of.

Hoping everyone’s success in their business

Jared Hathorn


Friday, March 25, 2011

Humility in Network Marketing

Many people have so much pride that they tend to hurt people. They act as if they are better than the people they meet. This interferes with building relationships.

Many of us know how important it is in building relationships with people. Our success in network marketing is measured by how well we can achieve friendship. We need friends that will turn into lifelong partners in our business. After all many people who desire success desire someone who will help them along the way. We know these people as our mentors.

Being a mentor we must learn to lead our friends with humility. We must never criticize our friends when they have lack of knowledge in the business. After all we must remember we also had lack of knowledge in this business. We must remind ourselves how we obtained our knowledge. We might have purchased programs or invested in E-books that helped us. What has helped me was finding someone who can lead me along the way.

The person that is leading me has been patient with me. I see the humility in the person whenever giving advice. Because of this I trust this person even more. We must learn to lead without pride and show humility towards people. It keeps us from giving advice without telling people they are wrong.

Let us learn to be a mentor with a servant’s heart.

Jared Hathorn

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Helping Ourselves and Gaining Friends

I was trying really hard to figure out ways to build relationships with people. In high school I found it extremely hard to gain friends. I did not understand why this was happening. I started thinking that it is the other people’s problem. The people were the reason I was not getting friends.

I bring this up because most of us understand that building relationships is highly important in network marketing. If many people are like me they find it hard to build relationships. However, I have learned that we have the ability to learn how to build relationships.

It was not until collage that I found some help in my weakness in making friends. I first had to get over the obstacle of not enjoying reading. I had stumbled upon a book that many people know about. The book is called How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie.

After reading this book I had learned that it was not the problem of the people but the problem was within me. Many times in network marketing we have to discover the problems we have and learn how to solve them. Many people like me have put the problem on others instead of finding solutions on improving themselves.

The main focus I want to give is that we have to learn to allow ourselves to walk the path of always improving ourselves. We need to constantly work on improving our self confidence, faith, determination, and the ability to interact with others.

Now what I had learned is that building relationships requires one to listen to other people. Listening is highly important because we may find what the other person needs. Many people second guess what people need. However, the easiest way to find the needs of others is listening. After listening we can better determine how or if we can help the individual.

Jared Hathorn