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Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Right Motive

So many people get wrapped up in the idea to tell people and show people that they have the better business. They also spend their time telling people they have the better way. While this is a way to run your business it is not the best way or the most effective.

People love to read what is valuable. Valuable is sharing with others our ideas without coming across that we are better. Some people even put others down in a way that seems educational but really we can tell their motive.

It is all about what our motives are. Are we really trying to help others or are we just seeking self gain?

Network marketing truly is a rewarding system in helping others and it will punish us when our motives are not in the right place. Let us share information and share with the love we need for others. In sharing we win no matter what. Even if a person does not join our downline we help them succeed in their business.

It may seem that it is not rewarding but to the professional they know what I am talking about. If I can help others succeed I help network marketing as a whole. Most of the battle is getting people to believe in network marketing. And the more successful people are in network marketing the more people start to believe which opens for us all easier qualified prospects.

Jared Hathorn