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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Listen Openly

Many people try and finish other people’s sentences before the speaker finishes. Some creates a judgment right away before getting all the facts. This is not listening and can lead us into not having success in our business.

Network marketing is building relationships and keeping them. Later those relationships can turn into partnerships. In order to be successful in network marketing we have to become successful in building relationships.

The fastest way to build a relationship is learning to listen. The more we listen the more we create relationships that can lead to partnerships. Listening involves all ears open and our mouth closed.

Sam hears that his neighbor needs a tool to fix his house. Sam is a salesperson that sells saws. Sam takes this opportunity and goes to his neighbor. Once the neighbor opens the door Sam starts telling his neighbor how great the saw is. Sam talks for about 15 minutes not letting his neighbor say a word.

Finally after finishing the presentation he asks his neighbor if he would like to buy the saw. The neighbor finally able to speak says no because he needs a screw driver instead.

If Sam had learned to listen maybe he would not try to sell the saw. Sam could have started by saying "I heard you needed a tool to fix the house. What tool do you need?”

Listening is very important in network marketing. When we learn to listen we then learn what we can or cannot do for a person.

Jared Hathorn

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mentor To Be A Mentor

Many people know how to get people fast to join their downline and buy their products. They know how to advertise and talk to people. They work so hard to run their business and talk to new people every day. However, the people that joined don't work and end up quitting later. The person still has to work hard to maintain the income he is receiving or he may not be receiving any profit at all.

In most cases the person only worries about getting people to buy products and join their business. They do not focus on their downline on learning the skills needed in order for them to be successful. This leaves the people under him or her helpless. We cannot assume that our downline knows everything we know about network marketing.

We need to become mentors for us to be successful. We not only need to mentor people in how to be successful but mentor other people to mentor. This creates a duplicable system that everyone can be doing today. Teaching other people to mentor keeps us from having to mentor our downlines downline. It helps us not to work so hard and gives us the assurance that our business will grow.

We need to focus on creating a team that will create their own team. We can help them learn how to create their team and soon our business will grow.

Let us learn to mentor others to mentor.

Jared Hathorn

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Not Another Rejection

We just finished talking to a prospect. All we could get out of him or her was a no. We look at our script the company provided for us and begin to wonder. Our upline tells us the better we are and reading our script the less we will get a no.

Scripts can be important in some cases but in most cases they are not useful. Scripts take away our personality and who we are. Sometimes they make us sound like robots or a recorded message. People want to talk to real people. We need to be able to show our personality and not be afraid to be ourselves. We need to learn to speak from our heart because people follow people.

The best way to talk to people is to find out their motive. We must find out what they need in life. Learning what they need will help us determine what we can give to them.. It might help us determine that we do not have what they need. This will save us a lot of time and keep people from running away from us.

Let us say we are in a company that sells health products. We can ask people how their health is and what they feel needs improvement. The person may tell us that they have a hard time controlling their sugar because they are diabetic. They complain about how their medications have side effects that they do not like. They let us know they wish there was something that could help them.

It would be a mistake to try to sell them a product that does not help them with their sugar. They will most likely tell us no. Because many people have different needs we need to help them with what they need. In order to determine if we have what they need we need to ask them questions.

Let’s say we know we have the product that helps. It would be a mistake to jump in and say for a certain amount of money they could buy the product. This will cause them to say no as well. We need to give them information freely about a product that helps with sugar. We should not try to sell them the product but let them know it is out there. We want them to ask us how much the product is and how to get it. By guiding them to ask us questions we know that we have helped them. If they do not ask then we know not to sell to them.

We must learn that people have different motivations and needs. When we realize that and talk to people with that respect than we will get better results.

Jared Hathorn