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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Am I in The Right Environment?

Let us think for a minute who our closest friends are.

Who do we hang around the most?

Now let us examine those people and see if they match us in any way. Most of the time we will find that we act just like or similar to the people we hang around the most. The closest people are what shape us who we are today.

Our parents or guardian is usually what started who we are today. As we were growing up they taught us many things. They helped us learn right from wrong and how to walk. They were there when we learned to ride a bike. Most of us gained their actions because we copied them in some way or another.

The people we hang around create an environment. An environment helps determine our success and failures in life. They can help by supporting us or hurt us by destroying us. Most network marketing people call this a mastermind group.

As people who desire success we need to look for mastermind groups that will help support us. We need them to help us think and grow rich. It is best to have a mastermind group that is aiming toward the same goal as we are. These people can be our mentors and help us toward success. It helps if some of the members have been there and done that. These people are usually the leaders and mentors.

What environment are we in?

Are we in an environment that will help us think and grow rich?

Jared Hathorn

Friday, September 4, 2009

Giving Value is Important

Many people do their best to write articles and contribute to forums about how to run a business. They write so much information they have gained over time. They do their best to repeat information they have read in books. However, many write about things they do not do themselves.

Many go into forums and advise people to write an article. They give advice that would help others write an article. However, they have never written an article in their life.

It is one thing about having information about something and having true wisdom. Sharing information is one thing but sharing wisdom is more valuable than gold. There is deeper knowledge gained by doing. When we share what we do we share who we are. We share what has made us successful and give truth.

The best way to give value to others is we must learn to share what we do. We need to put our experiences into our writing. This will help others see what we truly are.

We have to realize people follow people and writing only what we do will help people follow us. How can people follow us if we are not moving? We must learn to move in a direction and find success and people will follow us.

I personally write articles because it is most comfortable to me. I will one day learn to step out of my comfort zone and learn how to run my business other ways. Running and growing our business is a process and a process that will give us success in the future.

Jared Hathorn