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Saturday, June 6, 2009

No Rocket Scientist

We do not have to be a rocket scientist to be successful in network marketing. We just need the knowledge and the right tools.

Knowledge is something we have gained over the years of our life. We start by going to school from the time we are born until we finish high school. Sometimes we do not stop there. Many of us decide it was best to go to college or a trade school. From the time we are born until now we have learned how to gain knowledge.

Some knowledge we have gained we needed money. Some is given to us with little or no money at all. Either way we were not able to make any money unless we had the knowledge.

In network marketing we need to understand that it takes time for us to learn the skills we need. Most of us were ok with going to college for at least 4 years before we started making the money in the job we studied for. I am sure we can be patient for the amount of time it takes us to learn the skills we need in network marketing.

Having the right tools is also important in network marketing. For example a car will not start without a key. We also know that without gas in a car it is useless.

Having the right tools requires us to have the right knowledge. Sometimes learning how to write an article is all we need. There are many tools we can use in network marketing that are affective. We must look for them and learn to use them correctly.

My favorite tool is the color system. It is a system that helps us determine people’s personality. Learning people’s personality helps us communicate in their language. Most people say no to what they do not understand.

Jared Hathorn