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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Take Time to Learn

I decided to put my son in karate. I was watching how difficult his first lesson was. It was hard for him to perform the right way. The instructor looks at me and my wife and said he is fine. He assured us that he will learn in time.

I then thought of network marketing. Many people get into network marketing expecting to be successful the same day. However, like my son their performance is not so good. It is because like anything we must take our time to learn. Each day that goes by we learn more and become better.

After time goes by one day we will realize that we have come a long way. What used to be extremely hard is not a piece of cake. However, we must be patient and allow ourselves time to learn. So many people in network marketing drop out right before they are about to fly.

We must not give up and allow ourselves to learn. Allow ourselves to become successful. Being successful takes time.

Jared Hathorn

Friday, March 13, 2009

Is Friendship Important?

Many people try to run their home-based business without building a relationship. People make a mistake by thinking it is a sales business. My friend and mentor Michael Dlouhy says it is a relationship business.

It is best to build a friendship with people. By becoming friends we gain trust with each other. We learn to listen better because our mindset cares for the other person. Most people play a numbers game and then wonder what happened to their down line later. Friends will never leave us. They will always be there when times are rough.

Social sites are a wonderful way of getting to know people. We can add people to our friends list and start to chat. Start with a simple hello because most people fail by promoting their business right away.

I am learning that selling is a mistake most people make. I myself would not want anyone pushing me to buy something. I was at a shoe store the other day and just wanted a pair of shoestrings. The cashier had told me he is selling a pack of socks for five dollars. I quickly told him all I wanted to buy was the shoestrings. The person did not listen to my no but kept trying his best to get me to buy the pack of socks. I was annoyed by this and thought many people might not come back because of this person.

We must learn to create relationships that last. We must learn to create friendships in our network marketing business.

Add me as a friend and send me a personal message. I will be glad to answer as soon as I can.

Jared Hathorn

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Stop Blaming Others

Many people go through life blaming people for their problems. Their boss is too hard and don’t give them enough pay. The government takes too much money for taxes. How can we as people live in a world when everyone is out to get us? This is the thinking most people have.

Blaming others makes others a problem. We learn that problems are there to be fixed. In order to fix the problem we need to fix people. However, there is a problem because people cannot be controlled. People do not change because we make them change.

We cannot find a solution to a problem when we make others our problem. We must understand that we are only responsible for ourselves. We can only change who we are and what we do. We must learn to stop blaming others for our problems and learn to find solutions away from fixing other people.

Owning our life is very important. In order to own our lives we must take responsibility for ourselves. We must learn to not let others control our thoughts.

Success is for everyone as long as they don’t blame others.

Jared Hathorn

Friday, March 6, 2009

Never Say Never

Many people love to use the word never. I have seen many people tell me they could never do something. I believe that they are right. Whatever we put in our hearts that is what will happen.

“For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he..”

Our minds have the power to make us what we desire. Our thoughts control our way of life. Our attitude towards life drives us. Many people who are successful tell us the story how they had the desire and thought to become who they are from childhood.

Want to be a doctor then we will be a doctor.

Want to be a lawyer then we will be a lawyer.

When we start believing and thinking we are nobody then we will be nobody.

We control our thoughts and desires and therefore we control who we are. We must learn to allow positive thoughts and desires in our minds. We must learn to love ourselves and in return we create success.

Be a mentor with a servant’s heart.

Jared Hathorn

Monday, March 2, 2009

Getting People to Follow

There are two ways I can think of that will get people to follow us. We can be rich and famous like a movie, music, or sports star. Then no matter what we do we have people following us. However, most of us will never get that far because not everyone can be a star in that way.

However, everyone can get people to follow them by meeting new people and gaining trust.

Trust does not come right away. Trust is gained over time. We must build relationships by getting to know people. Over time people will get to know us and learn to trust us.

The fastest way to gain trust is to give people information that will help them. People trust people when they know that people care enough to help. This type of help must come freely. If help comes with a price people don’t trust us. They will feel that we only care about the money and not the people.

In network marketing we must give information that will help people. Let us all face that network marketing is a tough business to be in. It is tougher for those just starting. The drop out rate is very high. So many people seek help that when help is found the people will be dedicated to the person that helped them. They are dedicated because they have trust with that person.

Be a mentor with a servant’s heart.

Jared Hathorn