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Friday, December 4, 2009

Competition in Network Marketing?

Many people compete in network marketing and not realize what they are doing. They want to be the best in the world so they act on it.

In order to compete we would have to keep our best secrets of what we do. After all we don't want anyone being more successful than we are.

A problem with competing in network marketing is that no one can do what we do. We get people to buy our products and get people to join. However, I bet in about a few months the people that joined become just buyers or they leave all together.

We need to be able to duplicate what we do. We need other people doing the same thing we do in order for us to grow. This business is truly a business where we are only good as the people under us. If the people under us are good then we receive a check in the mail.

The best way to duplicate is to sponsor people. We train them to sponsor people as well. We give them our best techniques in getting other people to join. We make sure they train other people the same way. We make sure they become better than we are. This allows us to receive checks each and every month.

Be a mentor with a servant’s heart.

Jared Hathorn

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Listen Openly

Many people try and finish other people’s sentences before the speaker finishes. Some creates a judgment right away before getting all the facts. This is not listening and can lead us into not having success in our business.

Network marketing is building relationships and keeping them. Later those relationships can turn into partnerships. In order to be successful in network marketing we have to become successful in building relationships.

The fastest way to build a relationship is learning to listen. The more we listen the more we create relationships that can lead to partnerships. Listening involves all ears open and our mouth closed.

Sam hears that his neighbor needs a tool to fix his house. Sam is a salesperson that sells saws. Sam takes this opportunity and goes to his neighbor. Once the neighbor opens the door Sam starts telling his neighbor how great the saw is. Sam talks for about 15 minutes not letting his neighbor say a word.

Finally after finishing the presentation he asks his neighbor if he would like to buy the saw. The neighbor finally able to speak says no because he needs a screw driver instead.

If Sam had learned to listen maybe he would not try to sell the saw. Sam could have started by saying "I heard you needed a tool to fix the house. What tool do you need?”

Listening is very important in network marketing. When we learn to listen we then learn what we can or cannot do for a person.

Jared Hathorn

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mentor To Be A Mentor

Many people know how to get people fast to join their downline and buy their products. They know how to advertise and talk to people. They work so hard to run their business and talk to new people every day. However, the people that joined don't work and end up quitting later. The person still has to work hard to maintain the income he is receiving or he may not be receiving any profit at all.

In most cases the person only worries about getting people to buy products and join their business. They do not focus on their downline on learning the skills needed in order for them to be successful. This leaves the people under him or her helpless. We cannot assume that our downline knows everything we know about network marketing.

We need to become mentors for us to be successful. We not only need to mentor people in how to be successful but mentor other people to mentor. This creates a duplicable system that everyone can be doing today. Teaching other people to mentor keeps us from having to mentor our downlines downline. It helps us not to work so hard and gives us the assurance that our business will grow.

We need to focus on creating a team that will create their own team. We can help them learn how to create their team and soon our business will grow.

Let us learn to mentor others to mentor.

Jared Hathorn

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Not Another Rejection

We just finished talking to a prospect. All we could get out of him or her was a no. We look at our script the company provided for us and begin to wonder. Our upline tells us the better we are and reading our script the less we will get a no.

Scripts can be important in some cases but in most cases they are not useful. Scripts take away our personality and who we are. Sometimes they make us sound like robots or a recorded message. People want to talk to real people. We need to be able to show our personality and not be afraid to be ourselves. We need to learn to speak from our heart because people follow people.

The best way to talk to people is to find out their motive. We must find out what they need in life. Learning what they need will help us determine what we can give to them.. It might help us determine that we do not have what they need. This will save us a lot of time and keep people from running away from us.

Let us say we are in a company that sells health products. We can ask people how their health is and what they feel needs improvement. The person may tell us that they have a hard time controlling their sugar because they are diabetic. They complain about how their medications have side effects that they do not like. They let us know they wish there was something that could help them.

It would be a mistake to try to sell them a product that does not help them with their sugar. They will most likely tell us no. Because many people have different needs we need to help them with what they need. In order to determine if we have what they need we need to ask them questions.

Let’s say we know we have the product that helps. It would be a mistake to jump in and say for a certain amount of money they could buy the product. This will cause them to say no as well. We need to give them information freely about a product that helps with sugar. We should not try to sell them the product but let them know it is out there. We want them to ask us how much the product is and how to get it. By guiding them to ask us questions we know that we have helped them. If they do not ask then we know not to sell to them.

We must learn that people have different motivations and needs. When we realize that and talk to people with that respect than we will get better results.

Jared Hathorn

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Am I in The Right Environment?

Let us think for a minute who our closest friends are.

Who do we hang around the most?

Now let us examine those people and see if they match us in any way. Most of the time we will find that we act just like or similar to the people we hang around the most. The closest people are what shape us who we are today.

Our parents or guardian is usually what started who we are today. As we were growing up they taught us many things. They helped us learn right from wrong and how to walk. They were there when we learned to ride a bike. Most of us gained their actions because we copied them in some way or another.

The people we hang around create an environment. An environment helps determine our success and failures in life. They can help by supporting us or hurt us by destroying us. Most network marketing people call this a mastermind group.

As people who desire success we need to look for mastermind groups that will help support us. We need them to help us think and grow rich. It is best to have a mastermind group that is aiming toward the same goal as we are. These people can be our mentors and help us toward success. It helps if some of the members have been there and done that. These people are usually the leaders and mentors.

What environment are we in?

Are we in an environment that will help us think and grow rich?

Jared Hathorn

Friday, September 4, 2009

Giving Value is Important

Many people do their best to write articles and contribute to forums about how to run a business. They write so much information they have gained over time. They do their best to repeat information they have read in books. However, many write about things they do not do themselves.

Many go into forums and advise people to write an article. They give advice that would help others write an article. However, they have never written an article in their life.

It is one thing about having information about something and having true wisdom. Sharing information is one thing but sharing wisdom is more valuable than gold. There is deeper knowledge gained by doing. When we share what we do we share who we are. We share what has made us successful and give truth.

The best way to give value to others is we must learn to share what we do. We need to put our experiences into our writing. This will help others see what we truly are.

We have to realize people follow people and writing only what we do will help people follow us. How can people follow us if we are not moving? We must learn to move in a direction and find success and people will follow us.

I personally write articles because it is most comfortable to me. I will one day learn to step out of my comfort zone and learn how to run my business other ways. Running and growing our business is a process and a process that will give us success in the future.

Jared Hathorn

Saturday, June 6, 2009

No Rocket Scientist

We do not have to be a rocket scientist to be successful in network marketing. We just need the knowledge and the right tools.

Knowledge is something we have gained over the years of our life. We start by going to school from the time we are born until we finish high school. Sometimes we do not stop there. Many of us decide it was best to go to college or a trade school. From the time we are born until now we have learned how to gain knowledge.

Some knowledge we have gained we needed money. Some is given to us with little or no money at all. Either way we were not able to make any money unless we had the knowledge.

In network marketing we need to understand that it takes time for us to learn the skills we need. Most of us were ok with going to college for at least 4 years before we started making the money in the job we studied for. I am sure we can be patient for the amount of time it takes us to learn the skills we need in network marketing.

Having the right tools is also important in network marketing. For example a car will not start without a key. We also know that without gas in a car it is useless.

Having the right tools requires us to have the right knowledge. Sometimes learning how to write an article is all we need. There are many tools we can use in network marketing that are affective. We must look for them and learn to use them correctly.

My favorite tool is the color system. It is a system that helps us determine people’s personality. Learning people’s personality helps us communicate in their language. Most people say no to what they do not understand.

Jared Hathorn

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Take Time to Learn

I decided to put my son in karate. I was watching how difficult his first lesson was. It was hard for him to perform the right way. The instructor looks at me and my wife and said he is fine. He assured us that he will learn in time.

I then thought of network marketing. Many people get into network marketing expecting to be successful the same day. However, like my son their performance is not so good. It is because like anything we must take our time to learn. Each day that goes by we learn more and become better.

After time goes by one day we will realize that we have come a long way. What used to be extremely hard is not a piece of cake. However, we must be patient and allow ourselves time to learn. So many people in network marketing drop out right before they are about to fly.

We must not give up and allow ourselves to learn. Allow ourselves to become successful. Being successful takes time.

Jared Hathorn

Friday, March 13, 2009

Is Friendship Important?

Many people try to run their home-based business without building a relationship. People make a mistake by thinking it is a sales business. My friend and mentor Michael Dlouhy says it is a relationship business.

It is best to build a friendship with people. By becoming friends we gain trust with each other. We learn to listen better because our mindset cares for the other person. Most people play a numbers game and then wonder what happened to their down line later. Friends will never leave us. They will always be there when times are rough.

Social sites are a wonderful way of getting to know people. We can add people to our friends list and start to chat. Start with a simple hello because most people fail by promoting their business right away.

I am learning that selling is a mistake most people make. I myself would not want anyone pushing me to buy something. I was at a shoe store the other day and just wanted a pair of shoestrings. The cashier had told me he is selling a pack of socks for five dollars. I quickly told him all I wanted to buy was the shoestrings. The person did not listen to my no but kept trying his best to get me to buy the pack of socks. I was annoyed by this and thought many people might not come back because of this person.

We must learn to create relationships that last. We must learn to create friendships in our network marketing business.

Add me as a friend and send me a personal message. I will be glad to answer as soon as I can.

Jared Hathorn

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Stop Blaming Others

Many people go through life blaming people for their problems. Their boss is too hard and don’t give them enough pay. The government takes too much money for taxes. How can we as people live in a world when everyone is out to get us? This is the thinking most people have.

Blaming others makes others a problem. We learn that problems are there to be fixed. In order to fix the problem we need to fix people. However, there is a problem because people cannot be controlled. People do not change because we make them change.

We cannot find a solution to a problem when we make others our problem. We must understand that we are only responsible for ourselves. We can only change who we are and what we do. We must learn to stop blaming others for our problems and learn to find solutions away from fixing other people.

Owning our life is very important. In order to own our lives we must take responsibility for ourselves. We must learn to not let others control our thoughts.

Success is for everyone as long as they don’t blame others.

Jared Hathorn

Friday, March 6, 2009

Never Say Never

Many people love to use the word never. I have seen many people tell me they could never do something. I believe that they are right. Whatever we put in our hearts that is what will happen.

“For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he..”

Our minds have the power to make us what we desire. Our thoughts control our way of life. Our attitude towards life drives us. Many people who are successful tell us the story how they had the desire and thought to become who they are from childhood.

Want to be a doctor then we will be a doctor.

Want to be a lawyer then we will be a lawyer.

When we start believing and thinking we are nobody then we will be nobody.

We control our thoughts and desires and therefore we control who we are. We must learn to allow positive thoughts and desires in our minds. We must learn to love ourselves and in return we create success.

Be a mentor with a servant’s heart.

Jared Hathorn

Monday, March 2, 2009

Getting People to Follow

There are two ways I can think of that will get people to follow us. We can be rich and famous like a movie, music, or sports star. Then no matter what we do we have people following us. However, most of us will never get that far because not everyone can be a star in that way.

However, everyone can get people to follow them by meeting new people and gaining trust.

Trust does not come right away. Trust is gained over time. We must build relationships by getting to know people. Over time people will get to know us and learn to trust us.

The fastest way to gain trust is to give people information that will help them. People trust people when they know that people care enough to help. This type of help must come freely. If help comes with a price people don’t trust us. They will feel that we only care about the money and not the people.

In network marketing we must give information that will help people. Let us all face that network marketing is a tough business to be in. It is tougher for those just starting. The drop out rate is very high. So many people seek help that when help is found the people will be dedicated to the person that helped them. They are dedicated because they have trust with that person.

Be a mentor with a servant’s heart.

Jared Hathorn

Friday, February 27, 2009

Women Are Better Network Marketers and Men Can Learn

Men and women are built differently. They are different physically and mentally. While men do not desire to ask for directions women will ask. Men love power machines, trucks and fast cars, and tools. Women love flowers, make up, and doing their nails.

Women tend to enjoy a trip more than men. For example when women walk from their car to a building they look at the flowers and make sure they are not walked on. They subconsciously care and love the beautiful scenery. Men will just walk through the grass and step on the flowers because they desire the quickest way to go from point A to point B.

Now this does not apply to everyone but statistically this is a small difference the way we think.

Are women better network marketers?

Women statistically are better network marketers. However, men have the ability to learn. Women care more about relationships and they listen.

Creating relationships is very important in order to be successful in network marketing. People need to know us so they can determine if they trust us. When people trust us they tend to listen more. Creating relationships will increase our network. More people will increase the chance for people to follow us. How can people follow us if they do not know us?

Men do not care so much about relationships. They want the quickest way to get a sale or get people on their down line. Men can learn by getting out of their comfort zone and start creating relationships. When they start the best tool in creating relationships is learning to listen.

Women have the art of listening. Most people desire someone that will listen to them. Think about it for a minute. I myself desire someone to listen to me. When I have someone listen to me I feel like I am on top of the world. Men love to be on the top so much they don’t want to listen. They desire people to listen to them. Men do have the ability to listen. Listening will help us determine what people need. We may have the ability to help them. People trust better when we help them.

Be a mentor with a servant’s heart.

Jared Hathorn

Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Burning Desire for Success

Many people have the power to succeed and do not realize it. The people that were successful knew what power it took to be successful. True success starts with our minds. It starts with a thought and a desire.
What is this thought and desire?

Edwin C Barnes had a thought and desire to work with Thomas A. Edison. Most people think we need money in order to make money. People also believe we need education in order to get the best jobs. Barnes had no money nor did he have any education. All he had was the thought and desire that burned so greatly it became his fuel. His desire was to become an associate with Edison.

Barnes did everything he could to reach Edison. He stood in front of Edison has a poor man without anything. He asked Edison for an opportunity. Edison saw this fire and desire in his eyes and gave him the opportunity. Barnes looked for every opportunity to achieve his goal.

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill says that sometimes opportunity can come in the form of defeat. Edison invented a machine that none of his sales people thought would sell. Barnes saw this not as a defeat but an opportunity to show Edison he was worthy to became an associate. Barnes took a challenge to sell for Edison and in doing so became successful in reaching his goal.

In summary of thought and desire are goals. Goals will cause us to continue working on until the end of our days. Most people are happy as long as they have a goal to work on. What happens to people when they have no more goals?

People who desired to become a doctor went through school. Their desire brought them happiness. They finished school and now they are doctors. Yet something about them changes. They are satisfied with life. The state of being satisfied people loses a sense of purpose. We as humans need a purpose in life. In order to have a purpose we need to have goals. We need to renew our goals every time we achieve our goals. This will cause us to continue to grow.

Being a mentor with a servant’s heart causes us to continue to have goals. It continues to give us purpose in life. The purpose is to help people who are in need. There is an infinite number of people who need help.

Be a mentor with a servant’s heart.

Jared Hathorn

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How Hard Is It?

Home based businesses can be very hard. We make phone calls and advertise our company and all we get is people rejecting us. Home based business is not a common job.

The time we spent growing up we went to school. Our parents and school teachers encourage us to finish school. They let us know that we must go to collage in order to make a living in life. This is what we are programmed to think. This is the common way of life.

The people who are successful in life did what others have not done. They decided they were not going to be common and reached beyond what people have dreamed of. Their dream was bigger than any dream anyone accomplished.

The problems we face in network marketing are time, money, and support.

Time is constantly against people in home based businesses. Home based businesses are not like regular jobs were we get paid by the hour. The money does not start coming as soon as we start. However, with time and persistence we will find ourselves financially free. Network marketing rewards us in the future and continues to reward us.

Because the money does not come right away we face the problem of not having money. The worst part is we keep seeing programs and how to e-books that cost so much money. People who start a home based business do not want to see or hear having to fork up more money. They need the information to be successful freely. They do not want to see programs such as buying leads. Buying leads cost too much and is a scam.

Because network marketing is such an uncommon job our friends and family put us down. Sometimes people join a business and their up line does not want to help them. Yes, we join network marketing to eventually be on our own. However, even the greatest guru's have mentors. Behind every great guru is a great mentor.

Let us learn to be mentors and help others. Let us give positive words that will defeat that battle in people’s minds.

We shall know the truth and the truth shall set us free.

Jared Hathorn

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Power of Words

"Death and life are in the power of the tongue...."

Many people fail to realize how powerful our words are. They do not realize that even the smallest negative thoughts or words affect us. They go to our subconscious mind and program us.

Words from people affect us even if we admit it or not. We all have heard of the lie that sticks and stones may break my bones but words may never hurt me. If these words are true then why do most of us get hurt when a family member or loved one talks bad to us?

We must learn to use this knowledge to help us. We must learn to always think positive about ourselves. When we do so we build up our self esteem. We learn to own our lives.

Great leaders learn to give positive words to others. They constantly believe in there followers and let there followers know they believe in them. This creates a positive energy that gives people power to own their lives. This is were mentors come in. Mentors help people by feeding them positive thoughts and giving them the tools necessary for them to become leaders.

Jared Hathorn

What I Feared

I started realizing my weaknesses. I wanted for so long to deny the fact that I am yellow because I wanted to be something else. Yet as I search ways to be a better networker and plugging more into the mentoring for free system I have realized I am definitely a yellow.

One of the things people suggest is to write a bio about ourselves in social sites such as myspace. I am finding it difficult to know what to write. I started wondering why I had such a difficulty. I believe I am realizing that it is a fear I have. The fear I have is fear of myself.

For the longest I have been driven by what people think of me. I have let what people think or my view of what people think program me. I decided to change who I was and in return I started to lose who I was.

For the longest I have posed a question of what is wrong with me. I am discovering with the help of mentoring for free and most importantly with the help of my wife that I am perfect just the way I am. Mostly as my wife gives me more love I automatically give myself love and my behavior changes on its own. It changes to who I am and in return I am gaining people who are interested in me.

Jared Hathorn

Friday, February 13, 2009

Don't Let Fear Take You

Poverty is a physical state that no one desires to be in. Many people fear to be in poverty. I myself experienced what most people fear. I have had times of no money and no job. In that period of time I have learned many things.

More fear is created in the mind as we are in poverty. Questions that drive our fear come without hesitation.

How do I come up with enough to get food?

How do I find a job were employment rate is low?

Is there something wrong with me?

I have learned that these questions destroy us and give more fuel to fear. When fear takes us it paralyzes us. Fear clouds our minds to make sound judgment. We tend to focus too much on the problem and very little on the solution.

We must learn to give ourselves hope. We must learn to think positive in any situation we are in. We must learn to make statement that takes away fear.

I don't have a job however, I will get one soon enough.

I don't have food at the table but there will be a way to feed my children.

There is nothing wrong with me because I am perfect just the way I am.

When we learn to turn our situation in to a positive thought we become less fearful and we can make sound judgment. He learns to love himself.

"There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear."

Jared Hathorn

Monday, February 9, 2009

Do You Have Faith?

"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."

According to the second definition of faith in the American Heritage Dictionary, faith is belief that does not rest on logical proof or material evidence.

Faith is what drives every person. It has no room for negative thoughts. It gives us purpose in life. Without purpose we are useless.

Many of us have heard that we need to believe in a higher power. I believe this to be true. It is our fuel for faith.

For some the higher power is our inner self. For others it is in a god they believe in. I for one believe in Jesus Christ as my higher power.

Without faith we tend to think negatively. By thinking negatively we become anxious and our mind is clouded. It becomes difficult to use sound judgment. We tend to make excuses to not do the things needed.

Having faith allows us to open our minds to positive thinking.

"Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy--meditate on these things."

Jared Hathorn

Saturday, February 7, 2009

What's Your Excuse

Many people make excuses for not doing what they should. They let their minds run on negative thoughts.

I can't do this.

I will always get people that tell me no.

I do not have enough money to continue marketing.

I do not have a phone or computer.

Many people love to use the word can't. However, what most of us mean are we will not.

We also give ourselves self fulfilled prophesies. I believe the power comes within our mind. Whatever we think of that is what we will be.

Yes at times circumstance and life gives us stumbling blocks. Most people use that to make excuses in their lives. However, the ones that look at the problem and say they can defeat it win. The ones that take their time figuring out solutions instead of making excuses rise to the top.

Jared Hathorn