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Friday, September 26, 2008

What is Against Us?

How do we really succeed in our home based business? We have so much against us when we start. However, the things against us we can fix and defeat if we know how. The things against us are time, money, and the wrong compensation plan.

Every home based business owner has time against them. Anyone who will tell people that they can make money right away is not telling the truth. Most likely some people, like the person that signed me up from my former company, are only trying to get people signed up. They fail to tell people that it would take time to build a foundation before receiving income. I joined a home based business that failed to tell me this. I hit a brick wall. Although it takes time to build the foundation, it will result in freedom. Freedom from always having to work hourly just to receive money. Freedom so we can go to as many vacations as we want. We are free to have as many sick days as we want. After taking that time we become financially free. However, most people drop their business right before that foundation is built. If they only had worked one more week.

Another thing against us is money. I have seen many companies, even my former company, ask us to give them so much money. Part of the money they ask us to give is for a leads program. They ask us to spend hundreds of dollars to run a business when we can run a business with little or no cost. We must not give in to the lie that nothing is free. There are free things in this world that are worth more than money can buy.

The last thing against us is the wrong compensation plan. The company that would not help me and would not even work had a poor compensation plan. I looked at the compensation plan very carefully and realized I needed about 6600 people in my downline in order to make a 10,000 dollar a month residual income. I thought that was ok because I didn't know better. But when I looked at other companies, I realized that it was a poor compensation plan. So we must look at our compensation plans and hopefully before we join.

So time, money, and a wrong compensation plan is against us. We can defeat them if we know how.

Jared Hathorn

Friday, September 5, 2008

A Servant in Network Marketing?

Many people in Network Marketing do not know how to run their business. They seem to do their best to recruit as many people as they can and they do recruit a lot. There is nothing wrong with getting people in your downline. After all it is important to your business because that is how we make money.

However, do we have training for our down line? Do we give them the support they need in their business? Most of the time people just sign you up and leave you hanging. We need servants in Network Marketing who will help us 24/7. It maybe sad to hear or finally realize that your up line may not be helping you.

There are servants in Network Marketing who will dedicate their time to help you for free. What? Yes I said for free. Why spend money on training books, audios, and videos when you can have all the info for free.

Jared Hathorn

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Do You Have the Right Tools?

I have been learning, since I have been in network marketing, that it is important to use the right tools and the right company to be successful. It is important because some companies do not offer any training at all. They have their prospects join their company yet they do not tell them how to be successful. Some companies succeed when you don't because their system is designed for the person to fail. When the person keeps failing and spending more money to succeed, the only one succeeding is the company itself.

In my first company, I realized quickly why I was not being successful. They asked me to buy leads and now I know that is a scam. They told me that their leads generation program was the right tool I needed. However, after many calls to people not even knowing why I was calling them, I realized that something was not right. I realized later that it was not my fault. I realized that there are companies out there that do not want me to be successful. I realized also that there are very few companies that will help me.

I learned later that I did not have to spend a dime to get leads or prospects. I learned also how to choose a company that wants to help their distributors. Learning the right tools and learning how to pick a company is available to all.

Jared Hathorn