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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Relationship is Important

Most home based businesses I have seen are all about recruiting and never really talking to the people being recruited. They make their phone calls and they get a person in their down line and think that is it. Then they wonder later why the person they recruited does not stay with them!

Think about a best friend for a minute. They will never leave and when a person moves, their best friend moves with them. Best friends are always there no matter how hard it is.

So how do best friends come into our lives?

Well, we talk to them everyday to build the relationship. Eventually after talking to that person we usually open up more and more. Soon after a time the person turns into a best friend. That person will never leave and will more likely try to follow what we are doing.

When we in our home based business find ways to have relationships with as many people we can, those people will stick with us in the business. And if our business goes down due to the company going down, our friends will follow us wherever we go. They not only become our friends but our support group. Having a support group is an important thing if we are to be successful.

Jared Hathorn

Monday, June 9, 2008


Fear - an emotion that paralyzes a person.

Fear will keep anyone from doing things
that may be important.

Today I was getting off the train and saw a man
trying his best to get his daughter to jump towards
the platform. The man thought her daughter could
jump the small gap between the train and the platform.
I saw and noticed that the girl could do it. However,
fear took over and she stopped and I knew by her
action if her dad did not pick her up, that she was not
going to move. Fear paralyzed her so she could not
do what was needed.

In life we could have so many blessings and so much
success but we come across things that give us fear.
Maybe it is the fear of not having success, or maybe
the fear of calling people. Having fear is normal and
yes, giving in to that fear is normal as well.
However, it is those who learn to conquer fear and do
what is needed that have more success than others.
An example I love to give is in the Indiana Jones The
Last Crusade movie.

Indiana Jones needed to cross the space. However,
what he saw was no way to cross and a bottomless pit.
The book was telling him that he could cross but his
eyes was telling him no. Yet when he decided to
believe and face the fear he was able to learn that
there was a bridge.

Which brings me to another point. If we just learn to
believe in ourselves and believe in the things we need
to believe in, than we can face the fears.

Also, for the logical people, just seeing something does
not mean we will get the right answers. Because just like
Indiana Jones a person's sight can deceive us.

Sometimes we have to just learn to believe.

Jared Hathorn