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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Follower and Leader

According to the American Heritage dictionary a follower is

  1. One who subscribes to the teachings or methods of another; an adherent: a follower of Gandhi.
  2. A servant; a subordinate.
  3. A fan; an enthusiast.
  4. One that imitates or copies another: A successful marketing campaign will have many followers.

A leader is one who leads or guides.

Many people do there best to lead others without first being followers. It is the reason why people fall and become unsuccessful. To become great leaders we must first learn to become great followers.

Think about it for a minute. Everything we know is because someone taught us. We had to learn to follow the persons teaching in order to get the information we have.

Network marketing is no different than the other things we have learned. We need someone to follow and someone who can guide us. We all need a mentor in our lives.

We must find a mentor and learn all we can from them. In return we should become mentors ourselves.

Jared Hathorn

Friday, December 19, 2008

Give Up? Never!!!

So many of us who are new find ourselves at a fork in the road. We either keep going or hope the road takes us somewhere or we give up.

We tend to think because we can't see what is ahead of us it is best to give up. The road to giving up is so much clearer and easier to take. However, what will happen when we give up and we see the others who pushed through?

We will see others getting what they always wanted. We will see them in control of their lives. Yet we who gave up will be in bondage to going to work everyday to just barely make ends meet.

Don't give up because in the end it will all be worth it. We will control our lives and have freedom we have never seen. Giving up takes away hope that gives purpose to all men and women.

Jared Hathorn

Friday, November 21, 2008

Be A Professional Pointer

A man was asked a question. The man didn't know the answer. To not appear dumb he made up an answer.

Another man was asked the same question. This man didn't know the answer as well. He explained to the person that he did not know the answer and pushed the man away.

A third man was asked the same question. This man also didn't know the answer. However, wanting to help the man he quickly searched the answer on the internet. The man was able to answer the question with truth.

Who has more intelligence?

Henry Ford didn't finish school so he was faced with a group of people trying to prove that he has no intelligence. After so many questions he answers that he may not know answers to certain questions however, he has the ability to call on his advisors to get the answer he needs.

We do not have to know everything in network marketing. The most intelligent people are the ones who know were to look for the answer. They become professional pointers.

Don’t worry about knowing everything. Just learn to be a professional pointer.

Jared Hathorn

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Success is Not Money

As I was reading chapter 2, in Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill, I could not help but disagree with something. He was telling us that if we have a burning desire for money we will achieve it. While money is great to have in life it is not a measure of success.

The burning desire to have money has caused people to do bad things. I have seen first hand the burning desire to have money caused someone to rob. Their desire was so great for money they took a gun and used it to achieve their purpose.

Many people in our business ask us what we make. It is amazing to me to see many people mistake success with money. Many famous people were asked what they desired. They desired fame, fortune, and happiness. After they achieved fame and fortune they are honest and tell us they are not happy. Money can not buy happiness nor can it buy success.

What is success?

To me success is determined by how much we give everyday. Success is having the ability to give instead of receive. Many people who give freely without a second thought find true success and happiness. Giving something comes from the heart and we are all made to give our heart.

Network marketing does not have room to desire money. When a person desires money they forget about their downline and forget about what truly makes them successful. Success in network marketing is never determined by how much money we make.

Providing a helping hand and information that will help others is what gives us success. When we learn to take the time and train others freely on how to be successful than we ourselves will feel successful. We will find that the feeling of success will come not because of money but because of how we have helped people.

Be a mentor with a servant’s heart and help others.

Jared Hathorn

Tree On The Road

People see the positive or they see the negative.

What's the difference?

A man slams on his brakes to avoid hitting a tree that has fallen into the road, blocking his path. This man is angry and sees nothing but negative results.

The woman in her kitchen washing her dishes looks outside her window and notices the tree is missing. It used to block her view and now she clearly sees everything. All that is in her mind now is how wonderful the view is now. The tree that fell is the same tree that blocks the man.

Do we see positive or negative?

Network marketing is a difficult road to walk on but it is rewarding. At times it is easy for us to think like the man whose path was blocked. However, we can learn to look at things the way the woman did.

Jared Hathorn

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I am young. So what?!

Wisdom to me has no age. I have seen old people with no wisdom at all. I have also seen young people with more wisdom than any of us can imagine.

Many people have looked down on me because they believe I don't know much. However, I am not going to let that stop me from sharing my wisdom to others.

"Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young...” (1 Timothy 4:12)

Does this give me right to attack people who look down on me?

That is not what this is saying to anyone. I believe that words have power if we let them. We can take what people say to us and let it hurt us or we can ignore them and keep doing what we must do.

"You’re too young to have any wisdom. Don't waste your time in sharing."

How many times have we heard words like these? We can listen and not share a thing because we start believing it or we share anyway.

I believe we should share anyway because what if our wisdom can help someone. Are we going to stop helping others because we are so young? Are we going to continue to live the life we live because others direct our lives?

We need to learn to think for ourselves and learn to take control of our own lives. Getting out of our comfort zone is what will cause us to find true success.

Be a mentor with a servant’s heart and share words of wisdom to the world.

Jared Hathorn

Monday, November 17, 2008

What Works For Me

Many people lack knowledge and the ability to generate leads. Social sites have been the best for me so far. I can post articles or blogs that people would read.

Posting articles and blogs helps in two things.

First it helps us create credibility. We post something that helps others then they will look at us as someone credible.

After gaining our credibility the readers then would trust our information. They will trust our recommendation and most likely come to us for help.

The social site I use that is best for me is betternetworker.com.

Try it, you might like it.

Jared Hathorn

Leave Me Alone!!!

We make a call to a prospect and look at the script given to us.

"Hi this is Jared....."

The prospect stops us dead in our tracks and tells us to never call again with a tone that can scare anyone. So we think positive and try another number.

"Hi this is Jared, is Amanda there?"

A person on the other line says in a tone that can scare anyone, "What do you want with Amanda?"

"She was online researching ways to make money...."

"No that can't be right because Amanda is only 10."

Now we are doing everything we can to get ourselves out of a pit. Our hearts are pounding harder than ever and we have a reason. After all a protective parent can do almost anything at this point to protect his or her child.

After we get ourselves out of the hole we wonder what’s going wrong. The first person on my list never gave me a chance. And many before just flat out told me leave them alone. The last call we made the girl is 10.

Most likely we are using a system that we pay to get leads in our back office. Paying for the leads is not reliable and can cause many problems. Most of the time we call the prospects and they don't even know how we got their number.

We need to learn to generate our own leads from our own effort. We need a system that when we call they know at least why we got there number. The system needs to be set up where they want us to call them.

Jared Hathorn

Saturday, November 15, 2008

If I Weren't Afraid I Would....

Being afraid is a common emotion we all have. It keeps us from doing the things that are necessary in our everyday life. I am afraid of dogs so every time I get near a dog I freeze in fear. My mind stops and I close my eyes hoping nothing happens to me. All that goes through my mind is how I can get away from the dog.

In network marketing there are many reasons to have fear. Fear of rejection is the most common. We as humans want to be accepted in everything we do.

What I have learned is to put love in our hearts. Love casts out all fear in our hearts. When we learn to love we will do what is necessary even in the face of fear. We will learn to find the courage that we need.

Think of a loved one for a minute. Most of us, if not all, will gladly get in front of a bullet to save their life. The love in our hearts keeps us from fearing.

I know that later in my life I will be asked to speak in front of a large group of people. Even though I am used to playing my violin in a large group of people I need to conquer that fear.

Fear is something we will never get rid of because once we defeat one fear another comes up. We just need to learn how to conquer the fear that comes in our lives each day.

Some people have fear in network marketing because they do not have the knowledge to be successful in one. All they need is someone to teach them what to do. They need a mentor in their life.

Jared Hathorn

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Are You Wearing The Ring?

I want to write about my favorite book called Lord of the Rings by J. R. Tolkien. The book is all about one ring. This ring has the power to rule over all the other rings. This ring represents what all men want and desire. However, this ring also represents evil.

The book shows us that many men desired it for power, greed, and wealth. Once a person gains possession of the ring the ring takes over and destroys the man. The person no longer is kind nor is he fully human. He turns into someone that most people would run away from. We see this as the book mentions Gollum.

Gollum was a hobbit named Smeagol. When Smeagol gained possession of the ring he started to live in a dark cave. Smeagol changed his name to Gollum and started calling the ring his precious. The ring gave him long life and also changed his look that no one desired to look at.

A hobbit named Frodo Baggins was to take the ring to destroy it. At the end of the book he was successful and destroyed the ring. However, the journey to destroy the ring was not an easy task.

In network marketing we have things that come in our lives that we can call the ring. Sometimes desire of power, greed, and wealth keeps us from being successful. True success comes when we get rid of the desires that are negative and selfish in nature.

Frodo had people helping him especially his best friend Sam Gamgee. Frodo would not have made it without the support he received. The ring was so powerful that Frodo could not have finished the journey alone.

The same thing is with network marketing. We need people who will help us because the journey can be hard. We need mentors who will guide us and help us along the way. In return to the help we ourselves receive we need to help others. Helping others defeat their rings will also help us defeat ours.

Jared Hathorn

Friday, November 7, 2008

Get Off The Train Tracks

We see people standing in the middle of the railroad tracks. We notice as far as the eye can see a train coming. Well, I say we have work to do and let’s tell them they are in danger.

We start telling them that a train is coming and they need to get off the tracks. However, it seems that most people just don't understand or want to hear us. We wonder what is wrong with us.

I am learning that it is not what we say but how we say it that is most important. Most of the time we try to use the same words on everyone. We wonder later why we are not getting anywhere. Changing the way we say things will change the results we are given.

Different people understand the same thing differently. Just because one person understands one way we say things does not mean everyone will understand. People understand differently because they have different personalities. We must first identify there personality type and then speak there language.

Jared Hathorn

La Bamba

I was watching a movie with my wife. We decided to watch the movie called La Bamba. It is a true story about a rock star named Ritchie Valens. Most people know Ritchie Valens by his song Donna.

The movie starts his life were he was living at Pacoima, California. He and his family were working at plantations to do their best to make ends meet. At the time the family was very poor.

One day a man named Bob Keane, the owner of Del-Fi Records, heard Ritchie and decided to record Ritchie. This big break allowed Ritchie to take his family out of the plantation and give his family a house.

Ritchie found success because he found a way to rise above adversity. He found success because he did what he loved and for love.

Ritchie loved to play music and write music. He took that love and used it for his success. When we find what we love and use what we love we will find true success.

Ritchie also did it for love. Bob Keane in the movie wanted Ritchie to record without his band. Ritchie refused because he wanted his old band with him. However, Bob tried to manipulate Ritchie in doing it only for himself and for his music. Ritchie did record without his band but he recorded for his family. He also took his love and wrote the song Donna.

When we in network marketing find the love we need then we will do what is necessary to be successful. We will love our family and take that love and work that extra hour we need.

The movie ends sadly because Ritchie dies in a plane crash. Yet his lesson in success will live on. We to can create success in our own lives that will last beyond our years. Let us learn to have and show love.

Jared Hathorn

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Are You Worthless?

Feeling worthless causes people to be unsuccessful. As bad as it is many people feel worthless. The battle starts with the mind and where we need to learn to fight it.

The way we feel, think, and act is because what we have learned through our guardian. From the time we are born we have learned from their actions and words they give us. Even if most our lives we have not like their actions it still affected us.

Most people have their father and mother as guardians in their life and some are adopted in some way. Sometimes being adopted causes the feeling of worthlessness. They think that because their real father and mother didn't want them they are worthless.

Sometimes words people tell us cause us to feel worthless. I have seen and heard many times of people telling other people they are worthless. Some people take those words to heart and allow themselves to believe it. We must learn to reject the negative words people say to us.

No matter what has happened to us even being abused mentally, physically and sexually we have to understand that we are not worthless. When we learn to rise above adversity and learn to look at ourselves as a person of worth then we will find success.

The best way to change the way we feel and think is to realize that we are programmed from the time we are born. When we realize this then we can take control and give ourselves the right attitudes. We can then learn to program our minds for success.

Jared Hathorn

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Direct Selling Vs Ads

We all have seen many ways to make money. Some ways are putting ads on our website and hope people would click on them. Others are buttons asking people to join a social site or download an instant messenger. As many people click on these buttons or ads is how we will receive income.

These systems are a way to make money and sometimes work. However, I see a really big problem in these systems. How are we promised residual income every month? The only promise to this is if people click on them.

There is a limit to all this because not everyone will come back and click on the same thing. If they downloaded an instant messenger for our commission we will not get another commission from that person ever again.

Direct selling is the best way to go and most people know network marketing as just that. Let’s look at selling health products for example.

We are selling vitamins that will help people in there health. A person will try the product and most likely will love the product. The person who loves the product will mostly buy the product and maybe more each month. Now we have a guaranteed residual income because we can rest on people buying every month.

Systems that uses ads or buttons or a way of getting people in our get paid social site are limited. They are limited to how many people will join each month. However, direct selling has not limit to the income because the same people can buy each month.

Jared Hathorn

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Momentum is Necessary

Momentum is necessary for results and success. Network marketing needs momentum. When we create something that causes results even when we leave what we create, then we know we have created momentum.

Look at a helicopter for example. The blades on a helicopter have to create a momentum of spinning the blades to make the helicopter fly. When the blades are spinning faster than our eyes can follow it is impossible to stop the blades suddenly. Because of the momentum the helicopter is in the air and we would call that being successful.

Think about how much energy and force a train has to work to get moving. However, when the train finally reaches its top speed it created a momentum that makes it nearly impossible to stop. We all know that a train cannot stop as fast as a car can. It is because of the momentum it created.

We need to find ways to create momentum in network marketing. Most successful people are successful because they have created something that cannot be stopped. They created things that even when they are gone people will still follow them.

Creating momentum requires the right system. A helicopter or a train could not create the momentum without the engine. We cannot put the train engine in a helicopter and expect it to work or we cannot put the helicopter engine in a train and expect it to work. We need to find the right system for what we do in network marketing.

Jared Hathorn

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wait For It

Many of us have a hard time waiting for things.

When we want something we want it as soon as we desire it. Most of the time when we want something and not patient for it we leave it and forget it. We miss out on the blessing that we would have had if we just learned to wait. Network marketing exactly like that. We need to learn to wait instead of quitting to early.

What if we feel it is not worth the wait?

Would we feel the wait is not worth it if we are to wait 9 months for a baby? Certainly not because have a baby is the most wonderful thing we can have. However, we need to wait because having a baby takes 9 months.

How do I know I will not waste my time waiting?

There are many scams out there so we do need to know what we are getting ourselves into.

We need guides and mentors who are successful who will help us. We need the people who have looked at the ups and downs and know what to look for in network marketing.

Jared Hathorn

Monday, October 20, 2008

Out of the Bird Cage

Many people I have seen are in what I call bird cages. They are trapped in their situations that will not let them be successful. They look through the bars and see all the free people out there that own their lives. They don't have happiness they thought they would get. They thought network marketing was to get them free.

We have seen in history time and time again people who were trapped. People who were in there own bird cages. We have seen how they have defeated the odds against them. So we wonder how we defeat our odds. What do they have that we may not have?

We do have what they have and we are able to defeat the odds against us. All we need to do is stop looking and focusing on the bars in front of us. If we look around we may find that the cage is open. Sometimes we get so focused on our problem we don't see the solution to the problem. The whole time the solution is to fly out the door because the door is open.

Stop focusing on the problem and start looking for solutions. If we are looking for solutions to every problem and fixing the problem with the solution, we will start to own our lives. Looking for solutions to problems will than label us as leaders.

People follow leaders and that is what we need in network marketing. We need people who will follow us because that will give us our downline we need. To become a leader we must learn to become a servant by helping others. We must learn to become problem solvers and help people to become problem solvers too. So let us stop focusing on the problem and start focusing on a solution.

Jared Hathorn

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I Can't Do This!

Henry Ford was faced with many times of failure. Many of his advisers told him that his dream couldn't be done. He told his workers that it could be done and told them to keep working on it. Henry Ford did not allow the thought of "I can't do this." He always said he could and his persistence paid off. Henry Ford revolutionized the way cars are built today.

Benjamin Franklin probably failed many times. He had a thought and a dream. When people thought lightning was a form of God's punishment, Benjamin Franklin knew that it was a form of electricity. Because of the attitude of "I can", Benjamin Franklin discovered how to harness electricity and invented the lightning rod.

Thomas Edison is the inventor of the light bulb and motion picture. He failed many times to get this idea and dream to be reality. He didn't allow the thought of "I can't" to enter his brain. Despite everything against him, he persisted and became the greatest inventor of all time. He revolutionized the way we live.

When we are faced with the thought of "I can't", then we are right. However, when we learn to keep having the thought of "I can", then we find the ability to keep pushing. We find the way to do the impossible and make our dreams come true.

Jared Hathorn

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Leaders Vs. Distributors?

Okay, we get some people to join us in our company. We spend time and time again training them. Sometimes we feel tired because we had a long day training people. We receive calls over and over from our downline asking us so many questions. We start to think that this was to be a stress free job and we were to have as much time as we desire. Yet we are spending so much time talking to and training people who should be doing things on their own by now.

So what is the problem we are facing?

My friend and mentor Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter would tell us that we are training distributors. Training just distributors will waste our time and we will not get that freedom we hoped for. We need to look for leaders in our downline. It is like many other businesses out there. People hire managers because they can't do all the work by themselves. They hire managers so that they can have more freedom.

If we spend our energy looking for leaders and training the leaders, then our business will be more successful. We could then take more vacations because the leaders in our downline can take care of it. We don't have to worry that our business will fall because we have our business in good hands with the leaders we trained. Network Marketing is about everyone working together and the best way is to work with leaders instead of distributors.

So how do we find leaders?

Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter tells us to give a test. Give a distributor a free E-book to read or why not jump ahead and give a prospect a free E-book to read? Think about it for a minute. If we get a call from a person we gave the E-book to wanting to discuss the book, then we have a leader.

What if we give the E-book and we set a date to call them? When the time comes we call and ask if they have read the E-book. If they are giving every excuse in the book for why they could not read it, then we have a distributor or a prospect not ready.

Let us learn to look for leaders in our downline and look for leaders before we put them in our downline. We must learn to target our prospects and target qualified prospects.

Jared Hathorn

Friday, October 10, 2008

Policies and Procedures?

Many people do not know what policies and procedures are. They join a company someone showed them and never give it a thought to read their policies and procedures. They do not realize the risk they are taking by not reading them.

Most companies make it difficult to find their policies and procedures. Some companies make their policies and procedures so long that people feel they don't have time to read them. The companies hope that they will stop at page 6 and forget about the rest.

In most cases companies make it difficult because they do not want anyone knowing everything. Some companies would make a 64 page policy and procedure and on the page that most people will not look at would have that the company has the right to terminate a distributor for any reason they desire. Wait!! I thought that a home based business is supposed to be there for life? Well, they say that, but then they put in their policies and procedures that they can terminate a person.

I learned that a 6 page policy and procedure is enough for any company. At most I learned that 12 pages is good enough. Any more than 12 pages should be a red flag. After all a person should have the time to read all the policies and procedures.

In order to find a company that will not terminate a person, it is important to read the policies and procedures before anyone joins. A person not reading the policies and procedures may join the company and find themselves terminated for reasons that may be not fair.

Jared Hathorn

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Helping Others?

How do we really get successful in network marketing? Most people have a mentality of only helping themselves. They don't want to be bothered by anyone with questions and they sure don't want to give advice to people. They think if they can keep the information on how they got successful a secret they will always be on top. They may be successful for a season but sooner or later find themselves back where they started.

We have to remember that network marketing is about having people in a team. As long as people are in the downline then that is how people become successful. We have to remember that when we lose the people in our downline then we lose the income that comes with it. So it is safe to say that networkers are only as good as the people under them.

What must we do then to make the people successful under us? Because in order to be successful, we need to have successful people under us. The answer is very simple and yet hard to do. It is simple because all we have to do is help people by giving them everything we know on how to be successful. Why is this hard? Let's face it. We have the tendency to be selfish and we tend to make excuses on why to be that way. Again, try to remember that as long as people under us are successful, then we are successful.

However, it is also important to help those not even in our company. What? That does not make sense because if they are successful it will not matter because they are not in my downline or not in my company. Well, I believe that helping even those not in our company will help us too. Think about it for a minute. There are tons of people who do not believe in home based businesses. They don't see the success that home based businesses give people. So if we help to show that and prove that there is success, it will help us when we talk to people. Instead of getting answers like "I don't believe that will work", they may answer "Hey, I have seen how these type of businesses make people successful." Who knows, they may even mention the name of a person we have helped who is not in our company. But because this person saw the success in that person, the person will more likely say yes.

So it is important to help others and help others freely even if the're not in our company.

Jared Hathorn

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What Color Am I?

People have different personalities. We all have different ways to do things and understand things. We also need to learn to communicate in a way that will help people understand. We need to learn to speak people’s language. I am not talking about speaking French if you only speak English. I am talking about using the language we all grow up knowing. However, there are many ways to communicate the same thing to people.

There are four types of personalities that I like to cover. We have yellow, blue, green, and red. Each personality color has to be talked to differently in order to get them to understand the business we are trying to provide for others. If a doctor decides to talk to us using the biggest scientific words he learned in his 8 years in college, we would most likely not understand him. He would have to explain and talk in a language we understand. The same principle applies in network marketing.

The yellow personality covers about 35% of the population. I myself am a yellow and I like being a yellow. They love to help people more than they help themselves. A yellow is a person who is open and indirect. If we ask them how many kids they have they will not just tell us they have 3 kids. They will most likely tell us a story of each kid about who they are and what they do. These people will give us more information than we asked for. However, their indirect personality will not say a word or speak unless we ask. These people love to follow rules.

The blue personality covers about 15% of the population. These people are open and direct. Their open personality will have them talking in no time. Yet we do not have to wait to ask them anything because they are also direct. They will start talking even if we do not ask them to. Their motto in life is fun, fun, and more fun. We mostly find these people in sales jobs. They love to talk to anyone with joy in their faces and upbeat tone of voice.

The green personality covers about 35% of the population. These people are self contained and indirect. Greens want all the facts figures and numbers that not many people want to know. They want more information than most people can give. They do not want 100% of the information they want 200% of the information. Even after they get all the info they will say "thank you now I will go analyze the information you gave me." These people will take the longest to decide. However, once they decide they will never turn from their decision. That is good because if they decide to join our downline than we have them for life.

The reds cover about 15% of the population. They, I believe, are the easiest to spot. They are direct and yet self contained. They are the bosses, managers, or leaders. They love to tell people what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. They will do their best to control the conversation. They also have a big ego as they will talk about how successful they are and why they are successful.

I gave just a brief info on the color personalities. Understanding the personalities will help us talk to these people. We can't talk to everyone the same way because each person is different. Each person understands different ways.

Jared Hathorn

Friday, October 3, 2008

Defense Mechanism?

Most people have a defense mechanism. The problem with a lot of sales people today is they try so hard to sell. Most people do not like to be sold. When people feel like they are being sold, they shut down and tell us NO!.

Think about it for a minute. How many people we know of like salesmen? I do not know anyone who likes salesmen. So the trick to network marketing is not selling. So how do we get people to buy our products and join our downline?

I watched the animated movie Robots with my 5-year-old son. One of the phrases in that movie is "You see a need you fill a need." So one way is to find people's needs and fill them.

People will listen for advice about handling their 5 year old son who is out of control because that is what they have been searching for. People who hate their bosses will listen when telling them how to fire their boss. People who don’t have time for their family and are depressed because their job takes them away will listen when telling them that they can spend more time with their families.

In order to know the needs of people we must learn to listen and build relationships. Also we must learn the 4 basic personalities people have.

Jared Hathorn

Friday, September 26, 2008

What is Against Us?

How do we really succeed in our home based business? We have so much against us when we start. However, the things against us we can fix and defeat if we know how. The things against us are time, money, and the wrong compensation plan.

Every home based business owner has time against them. Anyone who will tell people that they can make money right away is not telling the truth. Most likely some people, like the person that signed me up from my former company, are only trying to get people signed up. They fail to tell people that it would take time to build a foundation before receiving income. I joined a home based business that failed to tell me this. I hit a brick wall. Although it takes time to build the foundation, it will result in freedom. Freedom from always having to work hourly just to receive money. Freedom so we can go to as many vacations as we want. We are free to have as many sick days as we want. After taking that time we become financially free. However, most people drop their business right before that foundation is built. If they only had worked one more week.

Another thing against us is money. I have seen many companies, even my former company, ask us to give them so much money. Part of the money they ask us to give is for a leads program. They ask us to spend hundreds of dollars to run a business when we can run a business with little or no cost. We must not give in to the lie that nothing is free. There are free things in this world that are worth more than money can buy.

The last thing against us is the wrong compensation plan. The company that would not help me and would not even work had a poor compensation plan. I looked at the compensation plan very carefully and realized I needed about 6600 people in my downline in order to make a 10,000 dollar a month residual income. I thought that was ok because I didn't know better. But when I looked at other companies, I realized that it was a poor compensation plan. So we must look at our compensation plans and hopefully before we join.

So time, money, and a wrong compensation plan is against us. We can defeat them if we know how.

Jared Hathorn

Friday, September 5, 2008

A Servant in Network Marketing?

Many people in Network Marketing do not know how to run their business. They seem to do their best to recruit as many people as they can and they do recruit a lot. There is nothing wrong with getting people in your downline. After all it is important to your business because that is how we make money.

However, do we have training for our down line? Do we give them the support they need in their business? Most of the time people just sign you up and leave you hanging. We need servants in Network Marketing who will help us 24/7. It maybe sad to hear or finally realize that your up line may not be helping you.

There are servants in Network Marketing who will dedicate their time to help you for free. What? Yes I said for free. Why spend money on training books, audios, and videos when you can have all the info for free.

Jared Hathorn

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Do You Have the Right Tools?

I have been learning, since I have been in network marketing, that it is important to use the right tools and the right company to be successful. It is important because some companies do not offer any training at all. They have their prospects join their company yet they do not tell them how to be successful. Some companies succeed when you don't because their system is designed for the person to fail. When the person keeps failing and spending more money to succeed, the only one succeeding is the company itself.

In my first company, I realized quickly why I was not being successful. They asked me to buy leads and now I know that is a scam. They told me that their leads generation program was the right tool I needed. However, after many calls to people not even knowing why I was calling them, I realized that something was not right. I realized later that it was not my fault. I realized that there are companies out there that do not want me to be successful. I realized also that there are very few companies that will help me.

I learned later that I did not have to spend a dime to get leads or prospects. I learned also how to choose a company that wants to help their distributors. Learning the right tools and learning how to pick a company is available to all.

Jared Hathorn

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Relationship is Important

Most home based businesses I have seen are all about recruiting and never really talking to the people being recruited. They make their phone calls and they get a person in their down line and think that is it. Then they wonder later why the person they recruited does not stay with them!

Think about a best friend for a minute. They will never leave and when a person moves, their best friend moves with them. Best friends are always there no matter how hard it is.

So how do best friends come into our lives?

Well, we talk to them everyday to build the relationship. Eventually after talking to that person we usually open up more and more. Soon after a time the person turns into a best friend. That person will never leave and will more likely try to follow what we are doing.

When we in our home based business find ways to have relationships with as many people we can, those people will stick with us in the business. And if our business goes down due to the company going down, our friends will follow us wherever we go. They not only become our friends but our support group. Having a support group is an important thing if we are to be successful.

Jared Hathorn

Monday, June 9, 2008


Fear - an emotion that paralyzes a person.

Fear will keep anyone from doing things
that may be important.

Today I was getting off the train and saw a man
trying his best to get his daughter to jump towards
the platform. The man thought her daughter could
jump the small gap between the train and the platform.
I saw and noticed that the girl could do it. However,
fear took over and she stopped and I knew by her
action if her dad did not pick her up, that she was not
going to move. Fear paralyzed her so she could not
do what was needed.

In life we could have so many blessings and so much
success but we come across things that give us fear.
Maybe it is the fear of not having success, or maybe
the fear of calling people. Having fear is normal and
yes, giving in to that fear is normal as well.
However, it is those who learn to conquer fear and do
what is needed that have more success than others.
An example I love to give is in the Indiana Jones The
Last Crusade movie.

Indiana Jones needed to cross the space. However,
what he saw was no way to cross and a bottomless pit.
The book was telling him that he could cross but his
eyes was telling him no. Yet when he decided to
believe and face the fear he was able to learn that
there was a bridge.

Which brings me to another point. If we just learn to
believe in ourselves and believe in the things we need
to believe in, than we can face the fears.

Also, for the logical people, just seeing something does
not mean we will get the right answers. Because just like
Indiana Jones a person's sight can deceive us.

Sometimes we have to just learn to believe.

Jared Hathorn