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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Finding a Home

Many people join network marketing to make money. However, many people choke themselves and not realize it. They look so hard for a get rich quick deal that they end up getting on new deals every week. My leader, Tim Miller, calls them internet junkies and says they will never earn enough income to make a good living.

In order to succeed in network marketing we must learn to find our home company. A company that we will stay focused on. We must love our company so much that we will not go to another deal. This is key in order to be successful in any network marketing business.

If we try to split our time and efforts into more than one deal than we are cutting our success by the percentage that is divided into the amount of deals we are in. Most if not all successful network marketers are successful because they are 100 percent in their company. Their time and efforts are focused at one thing and one goal. We must be all in to succeed in any network marketing business.

Jared Hathorn
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