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Monday, September 26, 2011

Are You Determined To Win?

Determination is important in network marketing in order to be successful. Determination is not just important in network marketing but in all areas of life. Success does not come easily and sometimes have to be achieved when all odds are against us.

I have seen a movie and was amazed at a scene that taught me something important. This movie that gave me a lesson that I will remember is called Coach Carter. Timo Cruz earlier was kicked out of the gym because he did not want to follow the rules that Coach Carter gave. Later Timo decided he wanted to play basketball even if it was to follow the Coaches rules.

Timo asked the Coach what he needed to do to play for the basketball team. The Coach tried to discourage Timo and tried to not tell him what he needed to do. However, Timo was determined to play for the team and kept asking the Coach for the requirements.

Finally the Coach reluctantly gave Timo the requirements. Timo had to give the Coach 1000 suicides and 2500 pushups by a time that was impossible to make. However, Timo didn’t look at those odds and gave up. Instead he was determined and looked at what was to come started his pushups. He worked on completing his goal none stop. Many times the Coach tried to discourage him and told him it was impossible so just give up. Timo let those words go from one ear to the next. He did not listen and kept going.

In the end Timo didn’t meet the requirement and the Coach was going to not let him on the team. However, the rest of the team saw his determination and vowed to complete his requirements for him. In the end his determination gave him victory. His determination impacted others around him and helped him to be successful.

Jared Hathorn
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