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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Learning to Expose

Many people in network marketing tell us that we need to create relationships with people. They tell us that we must develop a way that people can know, like, and trust us. They tell us this with many words and sometimes with big words that will make people think they are very smart. However, many fail to really explain how this really works.

I want to focus on the part where it says that people can know us. How do we get people to know us so they can also learn to like and trust us? What many don’t tell us is that all they need to do is expose themselves. They need to do so by meeting as many people as they can. We need to get out of our comfort zone and find anyone and everyone that is new. Get them to join our facebook, twitter, and or any other social site. The more people we have in our friends list the better chance we have of success.

Do we expect to become successful if we do our best to look at just five people and pitch them our deal every day? That is not how this business works at all. First of all just pitching our deal to just the five ever day they will eventually stop being our friends. Our business will not grow unless we truly work at it. The more work we put into finding people the better chance we have of our success.

Also we need to learn to help the people we find.

Jared Hathorn

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